GPA to get into Baylor or Southwestern Medical School?

<p>I am currently a freshman at Rice and have a GPA of 3.7, but Baylor or Southwestern both seem to require a gpa average of 3.8. Will they take into account the fact that I go to Rice? How many in state residents get accepted to Baylor or Southwestern from Rice every year? Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>It won't put you out of the consideration, especially if you are an in-state student. I'm sure a substantial number get in from rice every year, though I couldn't give you exact numbers.</p>

<p>there are lots of students from rice at both baylor and utsw. a 3.7 wont keep you from getting into these schools</p>

<p>You are a freshman. Unless you expect to stay at 3.7 for another 3 years, this is a moot point.</p>

How many in state residents get accepted to Baylor or Southwestern from Rice every year?


OP, I believe you likely could find this kind of info from rice's premed office or even from some of rice's web sites (e.g., survey of its graduates each year). I located this information many years ago even though I am not affiliated with rice. You go there. It should be easier for you to access this info. (If my memory still serves me well, utsw might matriculate slightly more than a dozen of applicants from rice. But it only matriculates at most 3-4 applicants from each of the top OOS colleges each year.)</p>

<p>I also believe utsw usually admits much more students from UT Austin than from Rice, just because of UT's much larger pool of applicants.</p>

<p>A gpa average of 3.8 for utsw in the past was slightly "inflated" in the sense that most UTs and A&Ms did not use plus/minus grading system. For example, many from these two schools, two years ago, had 4.0 because they did not get A- grade. (DS's grade was "inflated" to a ridiculously high number like 3.99 because of this.)</p>

<p>Do med schools recalculate gpa's from schools that practice +/- grading?</p>

<p>amcas and tmdsas are the ones that do the recalculating. amcas uses +/- and tmdsas doesnt</p>


<p>Here's the complete conversion chart. Whatever system you have should be there somewhere :)</p>

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<p>When I interviewed at UTSW they said 90-95% of the class is TX residents but I have no idea what number typically come from rice since a TX resident can come from any college</p>