GPA transfer?

So previously in Fall of 2014 I started off as a freshman at a 4 year university. Basically during most of the entire semester I struggled with a bunch of emotional problems, and as a result slacked off and did way worse than I normally know I can do. I passed all of my classes except for 1 (a D) and ended up with a 2.35 gpa. After that semester I decided to go back home and attend community college to get myself back up and transfer to another school when I had enough units. After two quarters I have a 4.0 at the community college I’m currently attending, and I’m pretty positive I’m going to get A’s in two of the summer courses I’m taking right now. I’m determined to do amazing my sophomore year as well.

Now for the real question: If I were to send my transcript from my previous university to the CCC I’m attending right now would my previous GPA transfer too and combine with the 4.0 I have right now to give me a new one? Is that a common thing that happens? I want to apply to colleges to transfer in Fall of 2016 and I want to transfer the units for all the university classes I passed since I’m required to take those specific GE courses to transfer to a new school anyway.

I’ve tried to talk to school councilors about this but surprisingly none of them have been very helpful, and I’ve tried googling this but I couldn’t really find an answer either. I realize that this probably could vary from school to school but I just wanted to see if there was any basic knowledge about it. Thanks!

(Also if it helps to know: the university I attended previously was a CSU, and I’m at a California Community College right now, I plan to transfer to a different CSU, a UC, or MAYBE a private school)

Try to see if you can retake the course you earned a D in via academic renewal. When you apply to schools, you will have to list ALL college level coursework you have. This includes your first semester at a 4-year. However, UC’s will like the upward trend in your grades greatly - talk about it in your personal statement. They will like that. If you can do academic renewal to make up that course you got a D in, which may or may not be possible, then the D that lowered your GPA to a 2.35 will be replaced by the new grade. I’m not sure how it works if it’s at a different school. Talk to a counselor about it.

But yes, your GPA will be combined. The UC’s will factor in your GPA from all courses taken by the end of the Fall 2015 semester (or perhaps the Winter quarter - not really sure, honestly, my school is on the semester system). Anyway, your GPA will be good when Admissions looks at it, and they will see that you have gotten all A’s (or at least very good grades) since your first semester of college. That will be factored into your decision.

Be strategic about which courses you are taking - it is in your best interest to complete general ed / IGETC, and finish all of your major prerequisites (if possible).

At the previous university they claimed the only way I could get “course forgiveness” was if I re-took the same course with the same university. Unfortunately that’s not possible for me to do now because I live hours away, and the course isn’t the type to be offered online either.

But thank you for your help! I’ll be sure to talk about the reason for the upward trend for my grades in my personal statement and I’m already pretty far with my GE/IGETC as well.

goldencub’s advice is spot on.

It may also be worth it to email a counselor at your old University and ask if they have any knowledge of what classes have transferred in the past.

Also, if repeat the D at your CC and make a note in the additional comments, I think the UCs might notice that. Specially if the courses are really similar.