GPA vs double major

<p>I could double major but I think I'll end up with a lower it worth it?</p>

<p>physics or physics-math for physics/engineering grad schools..</p>

<p>No. Your grad program will be so specific that only 3-4 of your upper-level courses at max will actually apply. It is doubtful that you need a double major to get those classes. Conversely, your gpa not only gets you in the door at many programs, it also helps you for extra-departmental financial aid. like fellowships.</p>

<p>Now all this is assuming that the gpa drop would be either significant (i.e. >=0.2) or would cross some barrier, like 3.5 or (god forbid) 3.0. If not, it's really up to you, as it is doubtful that a 3.3 double major will seem much different than a 3.4 single major.</p>

<p>Take classes for education and entertainment, not to game the admissions game.</p>

<p>If you enjoy learning about math, then double major in math. It's that simple.</p>