gpa vs. individual class grades

<p>which is more important? what if you have a high gpa, but you have some Cs or Bs in individual classes...for example, my gpa is 3.8 unw, 4.0 w, but my final grades for precal and chem last year were a C and a B, also a B in english in 10th grade. also, due to some problems this year, i will prob. have a b for my semester grade in physics and cal. most of my classes are dual enrollment, though.</p>

<p>what will colleges care about more--gpa, difficulty of classes, etc., or the fact that i have a few not-so-hot grades among the A's? i don't really know, b/c it seems on cc everyone is into gpa being really important, and i'm not sure what the balance is.</p>

<p>There is a balance between GPA and difficulty of courses. If you take really easy courses and get straight A's, that is a lot different than someone who challenged themselves and got a B or two. But if you are not doing so well in the more difficult classes it won't help you very much.</p>

<p>I am going with what scarlet says! I too got a C (one-half point from a B) in the most difficult math class available. Even with that C, my gpa was higher than the previous year.</p>


<p>what about your rank in your class? that will tell colleges a lot too.</p>

<p>7/151...not super, but ok when paired w/ my gpa. i guess in this case, the devil's in the details...and i'm hoping the c doesn't kill me.</p>