Hi does anyone know what gpa parsons expects from their students before application? And is it different for bba and bfa? Meaning, do they expect a higher gpa if you apply for their business (bba) program than the arts (bfa) program?
Thank you

I don’t think they have a specific GPA they’re looking for but I think good grades matter and if your GPA isn’t too high, I would say to make your portfolio exceptional. I got in with a 4.0 UW GPA but I don’t think my Portfolio was that strong but my GPA was and my essays. So either one or the other should be strong.

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Hi thank you so much for your response. If I may ask, did you apply for the bfa or bba program?
Thank you @aamlam

@esra99 I applied for the BFA!! I think the only thing that’s different in the application is the BBA doesn’t require a portfolio and the BFA does. But both require the Parsons Challenge.