<p>How does the GPA system work at Pitt? Can someone give me a range of grades? I am especially interested to know what a 4.0, a 3.5, and a 3.0 GPA translates to numerically.</p>

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A 4.00 Superior
A- 3.75<br>
B+ 3.25<br>
B 3.00 Meritorious
B- 2.75<br>
C+ 2.25<br>
C 2.00 Adequate
C- 1.75<br>
D+ 1.25<br>
D 1.00 Minimal
D- 0.75<br>
F 0.0 Failure </p>

<p>It sort of sucks that you lose point for A- but don't get extra points for A+.</p>