<p>I've noticed on this forum that some people have GPA's of like 4.5/4.6 which is literally impossible at certain schools like the one i go to because even if i take ALL the AP's I would still have taken more regular courses. Will this affect college apps?</p>

<p>no its all in context w/ your given school. granted certain schools have higher acceptance rates than others, but this isnt b/c they give higher GPAs.</p>

<p>Take the hardest courses possible and do well in them. Even if you have taken all regular courses one year it shows an upward trend.</p>

<p>Yeah, like some of the IB schools where you can get a 6.0 GPA - they sure make my 3.9 look like poop lol!</p>

<p>The maximum you can get at my school is a 4.33, if you're taking ALL honors and AP classes and you have A's in all of them. </p>

<p>We get a .33 boost for being in an honors class, but that's to the class's contributing GPA, not your total GPA. So for example if you have straight A's in regular classes it's a 4.0 and if all those classes are honors AP you have 4.33.</p>

<p>But noone takes all honors/AP, at my school its pretty much impossible.</p>