GPA's and All That

<p>My Frosh yr GPA was 4.0/4.0, and then sophomore yr, I got 3 B's total. This yr seems tough too (4 APs) you think I can get into a college even with this downward trend from frosh yr? I mean, I'm getting around a 3.8 instead of 4.0? Is this okay for schools such as USC, NYU, Boston College, Carnegie MEllon??</p>

<p>Contrary to popular belief, USC is really easy to make as far as good schools go. It's harder to get into UCLA and UCB.</p>

<p>Also, GPA isn't all, in fact I could even dub it of relatively small importance in these times when everyone who's anyone is getting a 4.0 and getting rejected from all sorts of schools.</p>

<p>It's good that you don't aspire to the Ivy League - you'd likely not have a chance.</p>

<p>I can't make a decent appraisal based on the pithy account of your academic life you've given, though.</p>

<p>Well, to give you some background info, in case it may help you give more advice...</p>

<p>Again, schools I'd like to apply to:
- USC, NYU Stern, U of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Boston College</p>

<p>GPA: 3.877 (Academic)/3.91 (Overall)/3.96 (UC)
- Freshmen Yr (4.0/4.0)
- Sophomore Yr (3.83/3.67)
- Junior Yr (estimating 3.67 - 3.83, 4.0 is possible, but a reach)... :(
SAT: Around 2100/2400 on the new SAT (roughly 1400 on the old)
Classes: 3 AP's (English, Physics, US History) this year, 5 Honors (Pre-Calc, Bio, Geometry, Chemistry, Algebra 2) so far -- Aiming for 5 or 6 AP's for senior year; so, roughly a total of about: 9 AP CLASSES AND 5 HONORS.
School: Top 50 in the nation; Top in Northern California
Rank: Not done by school, out of 350 students...but definitely top 10%</p>

Speech and Debate (9th - current) - 5 hrs/week
Percussion (Age 10 - current) - 3 hrs/week
Cycling/Cycling Team (9th - current) - 7 hrs/week
Student Advisory Board for Congresswoman (Hopefully 12th)
Planning to start Politics Club (11th-12th) and serve as President
Community Service (500+ hrs)</p>

- Speech and Debate: Excellence Award
- Karate: Black Belt
- School: Principal's Letter of Commendation (9th)
- (Probably) National Merit Commendation; (Maybe) Semifinalist
- President's Gold Award for Service (Expected by summer '05) - highest award possible</p>

<p>I agree, USC is rather easy. My sister was accepted there with 1260 and 4.0 GPA unweighted. I believe USC is more of a, if you got the money and decent scores, we'll take you. ;)</p>

<p>lol, I see. but then again, your sister had a 4.0 ... does my 'low' GPA hurt my chances? i mean, is a 3.7-3.8 UW (4.1 W) with 1450 SAT score okay?</p>

<p>Honesty, I don't know. I was just making the point that you don't need specatcular SATs to get into USC. ;) I'm guessing your high SAT could make up for a lower GPA.</p>