GPAs boosting

<p>i hate how people with straight As and honors/AP classes arent on top ten because other people take BS college classes to boost their gpas.
your thoughts?</p>

<p>This is why most schools weigh their GPAs.</p>

<p>ap hug ^

<p>Wait, taking colleges classes boosts GPA? Can someone please elaborate?</p>

<p>Yeah, why make threads that have already been made?</p>

<p>Actually some schools give ridiculous weighting to college classes too. In my own school, the problem is actually with the ranking and grading system. We have four quarters which each recieve a grade and are worth a certain amount of points and a midterm and final which each are worth half the points of the quarter grade. Depending on your grade each quarter and in the finals, a final grade (which singularly appears on the transcrip as well as is used for GPA calculations) is issued. The problem lies in the fact that the system is arraged so that someone who recieves three As (two quarters and a final) and three Bs (two quarters and a final) still recieves an A. If you ask me, this is absurdly unfair to those who get As all throughout and recieve the same grade as ^. When it comes to class rank, someone who does get half Bs and As to end up with an A, might have slipped in an extra honors class or AP with mediocre preformance and so have a higher rank than someone with consistent As and preformance. Sorry about this long post, this has been on my mind for quite a while as the tippity top of my class is composed of people in the first group who want to work as little as possible and be valedictorian and get into ivies, and the system supports this attitude.</p>

<p>my school does not weight GPA =(
I have a 3.4 gpa yet I have 4 AP's after Junior year.
And I took normal Precalc to get that A+. Horayy boosting GPA!</p>

<p>But my class rank is weighted so the people who take AP's are treated fairly.</p>

<p>My school's system sucks! My GPA is soo bad. Yet my old school boosts GPA's to like 4.8!! =(</p>

<p>=/ Class rank/GPA means much less than your passion in ECs anyways</p>

<p>Kids taking the difficult college classes at my school receive the same weight as the kids taking honors so it's kinda the opposite at my school.</p>

BS college classes


<p>Depends on what classes they take. A college calculus class is far and beyond the level of Calc BC.</p>

<p>My school is ridiculous about ranking and GPA weighting. It uses the decile system, which worked against me. I was in the top 10% by the end of sophomore year, and I'm magically within the top 30% at the beginning of junior year. There are many kids taking 5-6 AP courses and there are other kids who take AP courses, but they have no business in taking them. This is when severe grade inflation comes into play. It sucks having a 4.22 GPA but missing being in the top fifth of your class, but that's life.</p>

<p>im talking about community college classes. art appreciation, music, the occasional history or speech class</p>

<p>Yay for no ranking, no weighing, no ********!</p>

<p>I would like AP/honors courses to be weighted because someone who takes all non-honors academic classes, TA, study hall, shop, and two free periods could get a higher rank than someone who takes six AP courses and gets B's. My school uses non-weighted GPA's for the honor roll for some reason. But then again, the true reward comes in the form of acceptance letters to top schools. Students who challenge themselves are much more likely to get accepted to good schools than students who put their feet up at the end of their five-period day not having to worry about assloads of homework.</p>