GPPI(Georgetown) or Harris (Chicago) for MPP?

<p>Quick background on me:
Academics: Straight from undergrad social science major at a large well known state university (top 25 according to usnews), good at statistics, not as much economics. Never been above college level algebra math wise.
Career Goals: Federal government or non profits, working on poverty reduction and welfare issues. Likely on the domestic front, but could easily see myself working for the state department for a few years post-MPP as I do have an interest in international work and a desire to travel. Am guessing I will settle around the DC area permanently post-degree.</p>

<p>The decision:
Harris of GPPI. GPPI offered me a 5k/scholarship (small I know, but hey, its something), and Harris nothing.<br>
I hear GPPI is very good at NGO and Federal Govt. placing, which are the two areas I am most interested in. Overall I like their program more, but would not want to lose out on the analytical skills Harris offers. Rumor has it you can elect to go further in stats/econ at GPPI, but it doesn't seem as obvious.</p>

<p>So any suggestions? I know Harris is overall a higher ranking program, but does that relate to NGO and Federal govt work as well? Their info seems like they place mostly in the private sector. It seems like for this field being in DC and having internships during the school year and ease-of-access to interviews would be a huge plus, possibly outweighing harris' ranking. But since I'm asking... I'm clearly unsure.</p>

<p>For the record: I'm visiting both schools within the next few weeks, but input from those without any personal interest in my placement (eg family and friends trying to keep me close to where they are) is very helpful.</p>