Grad School 2 years away

<p>I’m looking to attend grad school for International Relations at GW in about two years and am looking for ways to boost my college resume to fit the wants/needs of the admissions office.</p>

<p>I am currently entering my junior year with a 3.3 GPA.
I plan on spending the next two years drastically attempting to improve my GPA.
I plan on taking and doing great on my GRE.
I am the Student Government President at my University.
I plan on being fluent in at least 2 other languages other than English before I apply which relate to my field of study.
I have great connections within my community and University and hope to have excellent letters of recommendations.</p>

<p>What can I improve upon or do to increase my chances of getting into such a selective grad program? How can prior field work help and what examples of field work are available for college students that dont live in a location that offers many international policy connections?</p>

<p>Will my work within Student Government be relevant?</p>