Grad School Advice Needed!

<p>Hello. Alright, so I am kind of stuck on a few ideas regarding Grad School and would appreciate any input or advice on my situation. I am currently an Undergrad (JR) majoring in Sports Management at an upper-tier University. I am looking to work in the sports industry and specifically in Finance or Accounting. I have been looking into the Masters of Accounting (MAcc) Program at the University of Southern California and I am 99.9% sure I want to go there. I am set on applying this Winter and attending there immediately after I graduate in 2013, so I would get my MAcc (if accepted) in 2014. Here's my dilemma, or at least the questions I am facing. Should I wait a few years to get a MAcc and get work experience (although it might not even be accounting related)? Should I wait and get an MBA or JD instead of a MAcc? I am only looking at the USC MAcc program because it is geared towards individuals who did not do Undergrad in Accounting, I am not looking to go anywhere else. If I don't get accepted to USC I will continue and find a job in the sports industry. Basically, I probably should have done Undergrad in Accounting/Finance but I chose Sports Management (which I love) and I probably should have done Sports Management in Grad School. However, it is too late to change or do anything about it so I am looking to get my MAcc right after graduating so that I can go directly from USC into the Sports Finance/Accounting industry or even just regular Accounting not within the sports industry (I would be completely okay with that). If anyone has any advice, input, or help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!</p>