Grad School chances aerospace engineering

Hi All

I was wondering what my chances of getting into a master’s in aerospace engineering were.

My stats:
Major gpa:3.44
Last two years gpa: 3.75
Didn’t take GRE since most 2021 applications didn’t require it

Work experience:
Did a co-op with Boeing

Research experiences: None

Why are you applying for a Masters specifically in aerospace? Will you be continuing on to a Ph.D?

Aerospace engineering is a specific division of engineering and is narrow in scope when it comes to jobs. There are jobs out there, but most students do mechanical or electrical which covers the same aerospace requirements.

Have you asked your professors for LOR’s? They can guide you regarding a good Masters program. Also your co-op managers can give you information regarding good aerospace engineering programs.

Where do you plan to apply?
Edited to add: Husband worked as a subcontractor for Boeing for years in aerospace division. He was EE.

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You’ll get into a school with over a 3.0. But you didn’t say what type of school.