Grad School Chances

<p>So I just decided that I want to go for my MA in General Psychology and I was wondering what my chances are to get into a program. I have been documented as having ADHD which explains why my gpa is lower than expected due to my various grades in math courses. I plan on taking at least one over and join a class with people with disabilities.
My Freshman year GPA was 2.562 (Failed Math twice)
My Current GPA is roughly 2.89(waiting for this semester grades and it will most likely increase to 3.0 - 3.2) (D in math that I will take over)
I am the newly elected treasurer of the Psychology Club and have a research internship working on alcohol and fetal development, Peer Educator, and i plan on joining the Psychology honors club next semester hopefully and im working on a independent study in Anthropology (my minor)
I am a junior who has not took the GRE yet but i am taking latin to help with the verbal as well as hiring a math tutor
What are my chances of getting into grad school more specifically NYU, PACE, UMASS, FAIRFIELD, SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY, MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY ?</p>

<p>First - I'm curious as to why you want an MA in general psychology. There's generally not much you can do with that degree on its own, and they are generally unfunded and very expensive, especially at NYU and Pace.</p>

<p>So we can't give you your "chances" because graduate admissions (even MA programs) don't really work that way, but with a 2.89 GPA and documented ADHD - I think you should be able to explain your low GPA and point to the increase. If your GPA really will increase to a 3.0-3.2 range, that means that there has been a LOT of upward mobility since your first year, which will work in your favor.</p>