Grad Vp vs. Ch. Co.

<p>Hi All,</p>

<p>I'm currently an undergrad at a respectable LAC in Ohio. I am a vocal perf. major with a year and a half left to go. I have been fortunate enough to attend many high ranked summer programs, as well as perform as a soloist in my area semi-frequently. I am happy with what I have done in voice, and my chances look good for grad school... In VP. </p>

<p>However, I want to go to grad school for choral conducting, so that I might be qualified for church/community jobs (my interest is early music). I worry that I might not be able to get into a great program (or affordable for that matter) with only having taken 3 conducting classes, and from time to time, conducting a youth choir. What kind of experience do MM in Choral usually have when they enter the program? I am a fairly good conductor, and an excellent student, ready for more, but I am worried about the process. Would I be better off getting an MM in vp from a very respectable program and trying to get a job from there, or should I try not to settle? Just wondering how I can make this work.</p>

<p>All the best.</p>

<p>Early - have you visited Westminster? Your combined interest in Sacred Music, Conducting and background in VP sound like a good fit. I'm sorry that I can't answer the requirements or "chances" question, but for the last year I've watched kids easily slide between majors there, and are given the freedom to explore their talents. It would be worth contacting someone there to try to get some of your questions answered.</p>

<p>"What kind of experience do MM in Choral usually have when they enter the program?" </p>

<p>It really depends on the program. The top programs generally take applicants who have had some professional experience (they want their grad students to be able to run rehearsals!). But signs of great potential sometimes trump that, and often it will just depend on how many applicants are applying in a given year. </p>

<p>There are some VP and CC programs that offer the two MM degrees in 3 years. You audition in your strongest area and then take courses in both (some of which overlap).</p>

<p>You are probably aware that there are graduate degree programs in early music singing, but not really in conducting. If you were to go for an MM in choral conducting, you would be working on a wide range of repertoire, with not much emphasis on early music. </p>

<p>Are you most interested in having a career as a singer or in a combination of both singing and conducting?</p>

<p>A combination would be preferable, and I am aware of sone of the 3 year two degree programs.</p>