Grad school: present and future

<li><p>I applied to some ph.D programs and some master's programs and decided in the end that a certain master's program was best for me for this year; my main interest lies in American Jewish history and I'm entering a master's program for Jewish Studies in Fall. In a year, I think I'm going to re-apply to ph.D programs (I'm <em>particularly</em> interested in the one at the school I will be attending) and I'm not sure if I should apply in Jewish Studies or a more general field that I am very interested in like History or Religion. It's a year's away and of course I'm more focused on entering grad school right now, but it can't hurt to get some early insights. I would be much obliged.</p></li>
<li><p>I'm entering grad school this year and as long as I'm making a particular inquiry, any general advice (or links to good advice) regarding life in grad school would be much appreciated.</p></li>

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<p>the big difference is methodology...Jewish Studies is more social science-y and interdisciplinary; history is purely humanities; religious studies will generally involve comparative aspects. Which do you prefer?</p>

<p>Correction: Jewish Studies is NOT 100% social science. It's a blend of social science (political science and sociology) and humanities (literature, philosophy, religion, history, languages).</p>