Grad school? Which one should I apply?

<p>Hello guys</p>

<p>I am EE major at Cal Poly. I have a 2.9ish right now. I have a year to complete my program. I really want to go to grad school. I ll try my best to pump my GPA above 3.0 in Fall but the thing is that It may not be possible because the upper cores are really hard to get a high grade.
As the fact that Fall is the only sem I can raise my GPA before applying for grad school.
I would like to ask what school should I apply or look for grad school? PLease give me a list . I don't mind go out of state if there is a good school accepted me. Im not interested in any CSU. </p>

<p>I also have two internships for small companies. My GRE is 1050.</p>

<p>Giving a GRE composite score is nearly useless. What were your subscores? From the sounds of it, the term beggars can't be choosers may fit based on GRE and GPA, so I wouldn't just dismiss the CSU's like that.</p>