Grad School

Currently waiting to hear back from CSUF about the MFA in screenwriting program. Talked to Bob and he said I should be hearing back this week; super anxious. My options right now are to go to CSUF (if I get offered admission), go to Wisconsin’s Law School, or take a year or two off and work in SoCal before I go to law school. If I go to CSUF, I would most likely still attend law school in Wisconsin, as well. I just would really love to have the chance to chase my dreams jaja. Anyone else applied to a grad program at CSUF?

@snowingdrag I don’t have much to share but noticed your post and am interested in learning more on the app process for the MFA. My S is interested in the MFA in graphic design. We are in CT and he wants to go to CA for graduate school. Let me know how the application process went and also any info on costs and financial aid.

@magnetnh California has a lot of great MFA programs throughout multiple schools. I would probably suggest looking in to multiple schools and comparing their graphic design programs. Since your out-of-state, I would also suggest making sure that it’s where you want to be. If you can afford it, visit the state and tour the schools you’ve picked. It’s a big investment, and you don’t want to study in a state that leaves you feeling empty. Many schools are willing to set stuff up for potential students if you talk to them. Cal States will cost less for OoS students, but UCs and private schools are typically more desirable programs. So far, the people at Fullerton have been nice with the process. It does take the California schools a long time to process applications, though. The MFAs are going to require portfolios; you definitely want to start working on that now if you haven’t already.
And let’s say that you really love Cali when (if) you visit, I would suggest going for a job and working for a year before applying to save money. But that’s really only if you’re willing to wait and love it here.
If there are specifics you’re still curious about, let me know. I love working with applications, schedules, and transcripts, so I’d be happy to help with anything along those lines!