Grad Students Vote to Unionize

<p>I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I happened to run across it the Montana State student newspaper, while visiting with my son. Students make a very valid point. Here is the Bozeman city newspaper's article:</p>

<p>MSU</a> graduate students vote to unionize - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Montana State University</p>


<p>I hope they are successful. D will be in a Ph.D. program at a university that is unionized. medical coverage is part of the package. I’m grateful, as she is a Type-1 diabetic.</p>

<p>Grad students at Berkeley are unionized. That sometimes causes headaches for grad students on external fellowships: fellows may not be allowed to hold a second job and union contracts prohibit them from teaching for free. The end result: new PhDs have to enter the academic job market with no teaching experience.</p>