grad studies

<p>i may be an incoming grad student in bme come this fall (beware all of a creepy grad student who may be your TA in the near future). trying to decide between Vandy and ASU. name wise, it's a brainless decision to pick Vandy. </p>

<p>however, when it comes to research interests and whatnot, rankings are thrown out the window and it comes down to the names of the people who directly influence your work. be surprised because going to ASU may be a bigger career-building choice. however, vandy does have the more interesting projects. therefore, when it comes to my actual research, I have my work cut out for me.</p>

<p>i was flown out to nashville a month ago and i liked it. however, i was flown out to phoenix two weeks ago and liked it better (i currently reside in the houston area so the houston-phoenix adjustment is not a very big one). then again, grad school recruiting visits usually last 2 days so you don't get to see much.</p>

<p>therefore, why do you guys think i should come to vandy/nashville, keeping in mind that i will not be as involved in student life as i currently am at my UG alma mater?</p>

<p>sorry, specifically, what i meant was, considering i only got to see a small amount of stuff in 2 days...</p>

<p>what advantages are there to living in nashville vs. a large city?</p>

<p>While not a top 10 city in terms of population, Nashville is by no means small. Many previous threads cite the convenience of the "Vanderbubble" in that everything you truly need is on campus or close by; however, there are unlimited options in culture/entertainment in Nashville with its strong presence in the music industry. It is not unusual to see a well known performer at Green Hills Mall or in a local eatery. One of your best options would be to PM MomofWildChild, who, if I recall correctly, was previously a Texas resident and is now located in Nashville. She could give you an expert opinion.</p>

<p>cool. thanks for the info.</p>