Grade and Comment on my sat Essay!

<p>I got 10/12 and have sat next month, I need to raise to 12 at any cost. Because I need at least 750+ in writing.</p>

<p>Heres the october essay and my score.</p>

<p>*Prompt: Are people better off if they do not listen to criticisms? *</p>

<p>score 10/12</p>

<p>On his one of the most famous essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted, "Ne te quaesiveras extras". In that essay, he wanted to convey that we must look within ourselves or in other words, we shoud not seek for anything outside of ourself. Critisims often disparage us and make us lose our self-esteem. When we start listening to other's criticisms, we lack confidence and hence fail to give to the best of our potentials. Great men in history have often believed in themselves rather than listening to other people's criticisms.</p>

<p>When Oscar Wilde published his novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", he had to face a lot of criticism. It was taken as immoral and unacceptable to society. He didn't listen to those criticisms. Instead, he went on to say that the world called his book immoral because the world did not want to face the immorality and deprivation it [the world] was filled with. Now the novel it accepted as a highly valued piece of art. Many other artists and scientists, who were innocators and dreamers, often had to face criticism. But they believed in themselves and survived.</p>

<p>The other example can be taken from Han Van Megeeren's Vemeer forgery, which is the greatest aesthetic forgery in the history. He aspired to become an artist but initially his works were not well accepted and the art critics criticised his work saying that his work lacked aesthetic value. Instead of believing himself, he started forging Vemeers. He did gain a slight popularity for that moment but later, he had to pay for this. As he had sold some of the forged paintings and sold them to Nazi Party, he was nearly given life imprisonment as punishment for selling national property. Had he truely believed in his ability and never listened to critics, he may have honed his skills and become renowned as artists.</p>

<p>These are merely some examples. Many other great people too had to survive the criticism. That is why no matter how much we have to face criticis, we must not stop believing in ourself. As Carl Sagan once said innovators and dreamers are often laughed at because the world fails to understand them. People are better of it they do not listen to criticisms.</p>

<p>There are some minor grammar mistakes but why 10 and not 12 or even 11?
I cant write better than tha.</p>

<p>so i need some advice.</p>