grade change

<p>Hey guys, so my professor emailed me over winter break (between christmas and new years) telling me he made a mistake with my final grade and that he would change it. Does anyone know how long it'll take to show up on the DPR or the view grades on ursa? I think he may have forgotten, but i wanna be sure before i try to email him again. Thanks for any related help!</p>

<p>are you talking about copic? if so, I believe he already made the change.</p>

<p>i emailed a professor and he said he'd change it when we got back winter quarter and it was changed the monday of week 2, so it could have easily been done by now. you should email him since he probably forgot or something</p>

<p>Email your professor and make sure you let them know you want it changed as soon as possible. Or it can be permanent. Try to be really explicit, but not mean in the email. That is how I changed my grade.</p>

<p>cool thanks for the advice guys, i first checked with the related department to see if they received the grade change, and they just did, so it's changed now.</p>

<p>yeah, it takes literally like a few seconds for them to change the grade. they just fill out a grade change form with the class title, course number, old grade, new grade, and then sign it. and then they give it to the departmental counselor, and the new grade was reflected on myUCLA/URSA within 20 minutes.</p>

<p>Hey for those who have taken COPIC, can you tell me how his classes were? I'm going to be taking him for econ101 in the fall and doesn't have him. Any suggestions?</p>