Grade it THAT big of an issue?

<p>I logged onto minerva earlier today, paid the deposit and officially accepted Mcgill! :) So excited....
But, when my mom came home she told me a co-worker of hers was complaining about her son's low marks because of the grade deflation at McGill. Is it really that hard to maintain a decent average? I'm definitely not expecting 90s or anything....but are 80s at least still possible? I'm in arts, btw!</p>

<p>mcgill is certainly know for its grade deflation..although its not as bad as toronto..
..if u plan on attending grad skool (especially in USA)....its can affect u badly and really harm ur chances of getting into a top one</p>

<p>some canadain skools might know about the grade deflation...but dont count on it</p>

<p>i am kind of concerned about grad skool myself but i decided to go to mcgill anyway..
i really dont want to sacrifice my future over stupid skool policies...but oh well...its life </p>

<p>just have to work hard i guess</p>

<p>most schools realize mcgill's GPA system is pretty hard to maintain for a student- and will take that into consideration for grad school.
Most of my friends have gotten into excellent grad schools from here-</p>

<p>i forgot to point out that...a lot of grad skools (especailly med skools) have a certain GPA cutoff...(e.g. if u dont have a 3.8...u will be automatically rejected)</p>

<p>what is 3.8 the equivalent to?</p>

<p>yikes. That worries me a bit, because I'm considering law school as one of my options and it's such a numbers game. </p>

<p>Hmm, any tips for maintaining a decent GPA? haha</p>

<p>just study hard :)<br>
keep bird courses in your schedule at least one a year.</p>

<p>i mean it is possible to do poorly in those courses, but they're usually just an exam that you could study for the night before and pull a B or above.</p>

<p>"i mean it is possible to do poorly in those courses, but they're usually just an exam that you could study for the night before and pull a B or above."</p>

<p>u can do that in mcgill?</p>

<p>there are at least 4 courses i know of that are refered to as bird courses here at mcgill- but they still require you to work- its just if you do the work its easy to get an A.</p>

<p>No, there are no such things as cutoffs at med schools or law schools. Moreover, graduate schools are bound to have at least a passing notion of what McGill's grading environment is like, so don't worry.</p>

<p>One of my profs went to Columbia for grad school after attending McGill, and did his Post-doc at Harvard. You can do well anywhere.</p>

<p>they have cutoffs in canada for sure..</p>

<p>Well, they sure don't in the US. Well, not officially, anyway.</p>

<p>what is a 3.8 in terms of percent or grade letters? If grade deflation was so bad at McGill, I'm sure a lot of McGill students or graduates would be in trouble. McGill can't let that happen to their students, for their reputation's sake.</p>

<p>3.8 is above an A- average if McGill follows the same standard as most American schools.</p>

<p>A+ is 4.3 (only for LSAC though, I think)
A is 4.0
A- is 3.7
B+ is 3.3
B is 3.0</p>

<p>and down the list.</p>

<p>and what do those grade letters translate to in terms of percent? I'm sorry for asking, but here we go by percentages and the cutoffs seem to change from place to place when it comes to letters (i.e. A- to A). Also, is it true that your mark is pretty much comprised of a really small number of tests, a mid term and a final? do teachers bell curve?</p>

<p>Well, some classes have a curve, some don't.</p>

<p>In my experience, grades usually go like this:</p>

<p>A+ = 99-100%
A = 94-98%
A- = 90-93%
B+= 88-89%</p>

<p>and so on...</p>

<p>that looks kind of ridiculous. Do all schools go by something like that or does it change from school to school? How hard is it to get 90's? Is it significantly more difficult than in high school, or is not that bad? In high school an A- is an 80%. A 90% is an A+ and definately not very easy to get.</p>

<p>WOW! okay here in us... u're lucky if 93% is an A... i had this ridiculous english teacher who made 96 an A... and I had an A- for progress grades because I had a 95 but I did finally pull an A by the end of the semester... </p>

<p>an 80 is like.... you are dead... that's like a B-, and your GPA would be like... 2.7 </p>

<p>most schools in us especially in hs dont give out A+, but they do weigh AP classes by giving you a 4.4 or 5 for getting an A in thoses classes depending on what school u go to.</p>

<p>I think we're talking about universities, but good info.</p>

<p>the US high school system is so much more generous than the canadian one!!! i was getting like 87ish grades in toronto, then i moved to pennsylvania, and it was like OMG!!! u get an A in AP and it's a 5.0!!! </p>

<p>for mcgill, i recall harpgirl saying that an A is from 85 and up</p>