Grade distribution

<p>Perhaps this is a stupid question, but do high schools send a paper with your transcript outlining grade distribution in the courses you have taken?</p>

<p>If not, wouldn't this be very useful in displaying grade inflation/deflation to colleges?</p>

<p>Good question. I do not believe so. That would be too much data for the Guidance Department to pull. </p>

<p>Although I agree - that is certainly a great idea; perhaps in the future.</p>

<p>Lol... if my high school was half that organized, we'd have been twice as better than we actually were. </p>

<p>Nope. They will not. High schools don't care, and colleges don't care either. Maybe your counselor can make a note saying "Class A was tough"</p>

<p>I've often said that I think that a system along those lines would be so beneficial. Another good idea would be to include percentages (ie I got an 89.4 and my teacher didn't round) on the transcript. After all, some context is necessary!</p>

<p>my daughter's school has this on their school profile.....</p>

<p>I'm glad you guys agree :) </p>

<p>^ That's awesome! Hopefully that will help her in admissions.</p>

<p>My high school sends a grade distribution based on junior year grades. Example:
1st semester
AP US History : 5 A's, 4 A-'s, 2 B+'s etc.

<p>2nd Semester:
AP US History : 7 A's, 2 A-'s, 2 B+'s etc.

<p>It depends on what your high school does. I'm pretty sure my high school does this because we don't rank and so this is the only way colleges would know about relative performance.</p>

<p>It's kind of pointless if rank is available.</p>