Grade good enough?

3.4 gpa 3.6 w 1250 SAT

9th grade: Gpa 3.3 2 honors classes
Cp Biology B
English 9 Honors A-
Geometry Honors A-
Health 9 A-
Intro Engineering Design C-
Pathways B+
Social Studies 9-1 B+
Spanish 1 B+

10th grade gpa 3.5 1 honors class

Algebra 2 A-
Ancient World History B+
Connection Time PA
Cp Chemistry A-
Early Us History A-
English 10 Honors B
Game Design & Devel B+
Intro To Business A-
Intro To Game Design A-
Soph Pe A
Spanish 2 B

You are working to build a strong high school base, so you can have options when college application time comes. From the looks of it, WSU will probably be within your reach, but my advice would be to study hard for your upcoming high school years, stay active in clubs and take on leadership opportunities, prepare for the SAT and/or ACT, and then you’ll have lots of college paths open to you AND maybe even merit scholarships to help finance your dreams! That’s great that you are thinking ahead and focusing on your academics now!