Grade Inflation

<p>I was just wondering whether there is any grade inflation at LA(I know that Berkeley is famous for grade DEflation). I know its kind of a dumb question but I'm just curious cuz its important that I maintain a good GPA wherever I go since I'm pre-med.</p>

<p>i pretty sure that la is considered to have DEflation, similar to berkeley but not quite as bad. however, perhaps it would be best for you to ask a current/former student...</p>

<p>UCLA definitely suffers grade deflation for pre-meds, no doubt about it. According to a 2003 Daily Bruin article, the lowest campus-wide average GPA was MIMG, with a 2.60. I don't know if it's been remedied by now, but grade deflation still remains here.</p>

<p>All of the UC's (maybe not the lower ones) have the same problem.</p>

<p>It's tough to get a good GPA.</p>

<p>the data's a little old, but scroll down to the bottom and click on the individual UCs...berkeley, irvine, riverside, and santa barbara are provided in this sample. </p>

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<p>as you can see, all the UC's have lower GPAs. I don't think UCLA suffers from a grade DEflation problem, but there definately isn't grade inflation. I believe the Daily Bruin cited that the average GPA is 3.1, the highest average GPA belongs to music majors (3.8) and the lowest to one of the bio majors (i thought it was 2.8, but flopsy lists 2.6).</p>