Grade Inflation?

<p>I was interested in whether or not Trinity had grade inflation or how grade distribution worked at Trinity</p>

<p>The engineering department does NOT have grade inflation... i'll tell you that much! Some professors curve to make sure not everyone's getting A's or not everyone's failing!!</p>

<p>what about other classes, like more in the humanities department?... and does that create like big competition between students??</p>

<p>My experience was that the environment at Trinity was very cooperative. I was always working in study groups, and we were always helping each other learn the material and get through the work load.</p>

<p>Grading depends much more on the individual professor, or sometimes the department, than on the school as a whole.</p>

<p>so is it a good environment and classroom for premeds and prelaws (tracks) where like a high gpa is required?..</p>

<p>well this year there are ppl who got into harvard med school and penn med school... and there must be many more who got into others so yea, if you're good, you will get into the top med programs.</p>