Grade Inflations

<p>where are you all from and what are your grades like??? from my school, there are only 3 ppl with average over 90% (300+ students in my grade) and we have no rank!!!! I work my b u t t off, but still low grades compare to other schools' students. Does colleges know this!!!!? ??!? !? ?!?! ?!? !? !??</p>

<p>I'd say your Martian school is pretty similar to schools here on Earth. :)</p>

<p>MIT knows which schools are competitive and which ones are not, and the adcom adjusts your ratings accordingly. I don't know about other colleges, although every college says that it takes that into account.</p>

<p>that sounds like grade deflation to me, lol.</p>

<p>yep. they know that certain high schools are more competitive.</p>

<p>my school is brand new! two yearS!!!!! no one knows it!!!</p>

<p>It should be indicated on your school report.</p>

<p>i have a GPA of 4.2 and I am only in the top 20%. I know someone w/ a 3.9 who is in the top 30%. i go to a public school with about 500 kids in my grade</p>

<p>hohner, that's exactly how it is at my school, including class size. This is a longshot, but do you live in SoCal?</p>

<p>nope, norcal</p>

<p>At my school, if you have only one B (~3.98) from all the years, you are ranked 16th! So, that means 15 people (of 465) have 4.0s which, if you ask me, is too many and shows grade inflation.</p>

my school is brand new! two yearS!!!!! no one knows it!!!


<p>No one knows my school either, and I think there are millions of other schools in this world no one knows about. That's why they rely on standardized tests like the SATs to evaluate a student's capability. If your SAT is good, you shouldn't have to worry.</p>

<p>yea some of the people here seem to be from schools where grade inflation hs gone horribly wrong. It mkaes no sense at all for so many people to have averages as good as they say. ANd a 4.2? If everyone seems to have 4.0 and above it defeates the purpose of a 4.0 scale.... I have a 3.7 and am in the top 10% of my school. (our school does not weight ap and honors though)</p>

<p>grade inflation sucks, in my class a 3.9 makes you around 60/450, in the senior class, a 3.9 makes you 20-30/405, that's why with a 3.86 i'm only 71/450. It's a race to see who can pack in the most AP's, my schedule can hold no more than 2, while another kid has 4 because of his shcedule</p>

<p>sorry went on a rant there</p>

<p>My SATs aren't so great, 1400 SAT I (600v :() i am taking the IIs now, pulling for average of 720+, but in our country, we were never 'trained' to teach the SATs!!!!</p>

<p>my school is hellof fcking hard. the english and history teachers only give out 3-4 A's per year for each grade. Our ap bio teacher is so hard that the average test grade hovers around 75-80%. Same thing with AP Spanish.</p>

<p>wrathofgod64, I think that is kinda normal; it's the same with my school. Our kind of schools is the kind with no grade-inflation problem.</p>

<p>I took a biology class in university and now i am top of my bio class with an 80%, the class average is 47%, how is that for hard!!!!!</p>

<p>wow...class avg in my Bio class is somewhere around 78 I think</p>

<p>My bio teacher curved a lot. I remember some tests that I got only half the questions right and still pulled off a 90 :D In the end though, her system did work--everyone with a 100+ average in that class got a 5 on the AP (9 out of 24 or so) :P, and the score distributions continued like that :P </p>

<p>err.. back on topic. In my school, we don't use a 4.0 scale, we use a 100 point scale. I wouldn't say that our grades are inflated that much, though we do get ridiculous weights for AP courses. That's probably just because our courses are pretty damn difficult. I would say that around 30 out of 450 in my class have averages above 90. Strange thing though, because those top 30 kids have grades that vary by hundredths. The top five spots literally can be changed by one chemistry test. :|</p>