Grade input mistake

I’ve submitted my application to Cal State LA and I’ve been admitted to the college. But recently i just realized that I made a mistake in the grade input for one of the classes I’ve taken at a community college. Is there any way i can change it through email? And how bad will it affect the admission process?

Through email, meaning can i email Cal State LA Admissions about it?

You should definitely email CSULA admissions and have an official transcript of your CC grades sent with the email.

I already sent them an official transcript about a week ago & i sent them an email today (I realize that I wont hear from them till Monday since it’s the weekend) when i realized the mistake today. I didn’t fail the class, i mistakenly put an “A” when I got a “B” in the class.

Sorry, i meant about 2 or 3 weeks ago that i sent my official transcripts