Grade my SAT essay

<p>Here is the prompt for this essay: What is your opinion of the claim that knowledge does not automatically lead to wisdom?</p>

<pre><code>Memorizing a lot of facts does not automatically the next Einstein. There is a major difference between understanding and memorizing, and that little difference is what distinguishes all the smart people in history from everyone else. But if it was that simple, why don't people try to understand more? There is another simple answer to that question. Today's educational system does not foster understanding but rather memorization. People think that in order to do well in college, you have to be smart. That part is true. But there are a lot of different definitions of smart. A very common one is that a smart person knows a lot of facts and can tell you the name of every plant there is in this world. That is a virtue. But a vice is believing that knowledge automatically leads to wisdom. Wisdom is defined as able to give advice and to lead people on the right road when they are lost and need your help. In order to be able to do this, you need to understand life and the different aspects of life. Not just memorizing it. A wise person would tell you that in order to do well on the SAT, you have to practice hard and make sure that you know why you made the mistakes you did while you were practicing. A person who is trying to be wise would tell you that you have to memorize a lot of different reading passages from different books and magazines to do good on the critical reading part of the SAT and learn the pattern that the writers of the SAT use. The saying with age comes wisdom is true as well. With age, a person goes through a lot more things and in the end learns more about life and its different components. This is true wisdom, but not everyone is able to give advice and be called wise when they are old. It is the people who understood life as they were growing up, and were able to do the things that were touched upon earlier in this essay, who would be the wise people.


Sound agrument, need more thou. Paragraph form please (4-5 Paragraphs) could use better vocab and more variation in the words</p>

<p>Good if first
if not work on it :)</p>

<p>2- Very unorganized, the first SENTENCE has a major grammar error, a lot of major grammar mistakes, lack of coherency and transition</p>

<p>2 or 3 /6</p>

<p>Weak transitions. No strong evidence or support towards the thesis. How long is it on paper? If you want a 6, you need to fill up those 2 pages. People say length has no effect on the marking but I swear, length matters.</p>


<p>I think I have figured out why this essay is so weak. I typed this essay on my computer and did not plan what to write as a result. I have posted other essays in this forum that I have written before and took the time to type them up. Can you please read them and comment on them. Thanks.</p>