Grades at UCSD

<p>How difficult is it to get a 3.9+ GPA at UCSD?</p>

<p>Well, people will tell you that your gpa from high school will drop ~1 letter grade. So like if you're getting a 4.0+ in high school, you shouldn't be surprised to get a ~3.0 in your first year of college. That being said, a 3.0+ is an accomplishment by itself.</p>

<p>3.9+? That's pretty super hard. That means that in about 4-5 classes that you take a quarter, you only get 1 A-. If you think about it, 3.9 means baaareeely any A-'s, and only all As.</p>

<p>Definitely depends on the major & the college.</p>

<p>If you're sci/engineering, especially EE/CS/CompE/etc... good luck with that. </p>

<p>Also, if you're in Revelle I'd take Humanities at a community college. They call Hum a GPA deflator for a reason.</p>

<p>How about GPA of Mechanical Engineers?</p>

<p>^i'm an M.E. major, right now I'm averaging around a 3.5 GPA. In terms of UW GPA I'm actually doing better here than my total average from high school (so 9-12) but I didn't do so well in the beginning of HS.</p>

<p>But in general grades aren't TOO hard. It'll take work to get A's but if you're willing to study hard you won't be disappointed with your GPA</p>

<p>what about econ majors or joint math/econ</p>

<p>That's such a vague question, and chances are people are would be hard pressed to answer, because most freshmen are getting rid of GEs right now and don't really know how difficult major classes are.</p>

<p>I'm case-in-point: I'm undeclared, but I'm currently fulfilling GEs and pre-health requirements, and I have a 3.91 as of Winter Quarter. But I'm expecting classes to get harder as I delve more into the major that I eventually choose, so I don't know if that will go down significantly. In terms of GEs like Calc and Chem though, I personally find it easier than high school. I had a 4.0 UW in high school, so I guess it went down, but it's only because here, they count A- as 3.7, not a 4.0.</p>

<p>Is it possible to retake a class and replace a grade you got or average the two grades together for a new grade?</p>

<p>Only if you get a D or an F</p>

<p>infamy: How many APs did you take in HS and which ones?
Also, are you at Warren?</p>