Grades/Final Exams

<p>Is there a specific "due date" for when final grades are due?
I've been checking grades for the past 5 days and only have 3/7 grades posted. I know teachers have other classes/TAs are just as busy as we are.. but does it usually take this long? I hate this anticipation!</p>

<p>I am sure Tulane gives profs a deadline, but I have no idea when that is. Shouldn't be long after the official end of finals.</p>

<p>In our experience it has been highly variable with some grades not appearing at all until a formal request was sent by an advisor. This happened two consecutive semesters. S2 also had two erroneous grades posted, so keep copies of everything and investigate if the grades are not what they should be (one was a change from a D- to an A-).</p>

<p>LOL. Well, that D key is close to that A key, although more likely they just got off a line on the grades list as they transcribed them into the computer. Which if I am right about that, some poor sucker was really doing badly.</p>

<p>But this is an old problem. I also had a B that was supposed to be an A once upon a time, so you really do have to take responsibility for checking your own records carefully. Although I suspect most students are pretty fanatical about this anyway.</p>