Grades from CC to UC???

<p>I'm a student at a UC, and I'm taking summer classes at a CCC for credit. Do the grades I get in the summer classes transfer over, or do only the credits transfer? Do the grades get counted in my gpa? </p>


<p>it depends on whether or not you have completed over 105 units at a ccc. if not, i believe your grades and credits will be transferred over (just credits if you choose p/np).</p>

<p>If you are a student at a UC and want to take classes at a CC, only your credits will transfer over. Your actual grade does NOT get directly calculated in your UC's GPA.</p>

<p>HOWEVER, if you are taking a pre req for your major and need that class to declare your major, then your grade will be used as REFERENCE. You usually see this case when your school lists "In order to declare your major, you must receive a cumulative gpa of -some GPA- in these courses..." Then your UC will use that class to see if you qualify to declare your major, but they still will not add that grade into your UC's GPA.</p>