Grades this semester affecting admission??

<p>So I'm a little worried about my grades for this semester, I'm taking 18 units, 5 classes. I know I'm good for A's in at least 3 or 4 of them, but I will most likely end up with a B in at least 1 class, (screw you Spanish) possibly 2. My question is will this drastically affect my admission chances at Berkeley or UCLA? I currently have a 4.0 GPA and something like 70 units, so I figured it out and worst case scenario it will drop to something like 3.89 or so if I get a couple B's. Just need some reassurance that this isn't going to totally ruin me, I feel terrible about myself that I've been able to keep a 4.0 through 4 semesters before this, Honors classes, etc. and now my last semester I end up getting a B. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>No it doesn’t matter. Just don’t get an F/D.</p>

<p>You are given a provisional acceptance letter. It will stipulate the requirements for your spring semester grades. If you are near their GPA cutoff or you are ‘accepted’ into a more competitive program (UCB/UCLA/(maybe)UCSD) then they will likely require that you obtain a 3.0 this semester, otherwise it is going to be 2.0. Apart from this, you can not fail (D/F/W) any of the required classes since it may disqualify you due to pre-reqs or unit requirements.</p>

<p>pass all your class and just do the best you can and you will be fine :)</p>

<p>just make sure you get at least a B in all of your classes because i think that is what ucla and prob berkeley want to see. getting a C in one of your classes might jeopardize your acceptance letter. even after you get in they can still take back ur acceptance letter if u get a C in any of ur classes even if they aren’t related to igetc or ur major.</p>

<p>^ Uclakid, why do you make things up?</p>

<p>@investment yeah i come on this website and make stuff up for fun. what do you mean? even a few months ago I was reading an old post from a year ago that someone put on this website…the person copy pasted an email they got from ucla after being accepted saying that in order for them to still be accepted to UCLA they needed to get a B in all of there classes for spring semester which makes sense ESPECIALLY if your major is impacted. how does that sound made up…its ucla…and that post was from a year ago so its prob even tougher now.</p>

<p>Most generic contracts stipulate:
Get at least 3.0 that semester.
Get C or higher in all classes planned.</p>

<p>Obviously there are many exceptions: you may be taking your prereqs during Spring; they’ll ask for a B or even an A in those classes. </p>

<p>It all depends on your situation.</p>

<p>uclakid is actually correct Investment. Maybe you should not think that you know “everything” about the transfer process because you are just another student like us. </p>

<p>UCLA/UCB have been known to state goals that need to be obtained for students who are on the borderline in their acceptance letters such as: you need to receive a B or higher in all spring courses. I know this for a fact because it happened to my friend just last year and I read the letter. </p>

<p>People like you pi$$ me off Investment - always trying to put people down on a damn message board that is supposed to be helpful. Next time you should try asking “do you have evidence for that claim?” instead of assuming the person posting is coming on here to make stuff up.</p>

<p>@TonyPreMed2013 thank you!!</p>

<p>Right on, thank you everyone for your replies. I’m just gonna keep plugging away at this semester, studying hard and doing my best. I really can’t see myself getting anything lower than a B, but hey crazy things do happen. Let’s hope it all works out in the end…</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>It’s all good: Sometimes you’ll get these requirements, sometimes you won’t. I’m doing prereqs and neither UCI nor UCD placed stipulations on my work. However, UCI has a specific GPA requirement for required classes (the stuff on ASSIST!) … a 3.0. Seeing as in those classes, I had a 3.0 to begin with, I’m on pins and needles since I need a 3.0 this semester! Okay… I’ll try!</p>