Grades ~urgent!~

<p>I have a decision I have to make soon for the past quarter (WI10)</p>

<li>Take a C+ in Chem 140B </li>
<li>Have the professor fail me ( he said he could) and retake over the summer
(would be fine since I'll be in SD over the summer for work related stuff anyways and was planning on taking summer session ) </li>

<p>I have my eye on graduate school, preferably here, but my big question is how bad would an F would despite it not having it affect my GPA and conversely, a C+ (consistently had high grades A-/B+ average in major chemistry courses..) </p>


<p>F is definitely worse considering it's a class admissions committees are likely to look at in grad school.</p>

<p>For grad school, DEFINITELY take the C+!! This is an easy decision IMO</p>

<p>Isn't F a 0.0 in the GPA calculation?
Or are you talking about switching to P/NP and getting an NP?</p>

<p>He means UCSD's policy that students can 'retake' a class they've gotten a D/F in and replace it with a new grade; however, although the old grade isn't factored into the new GPA, the class and original grade will still appear on a transcript.</p>

<p>That may be the way UCSD computes the GPA, but I'm not sure whether grad/professional schools use the same method.
For AMCAS, I believe both the failed class and the repeat class will be included in the GPA calculation, and so the best you can get out of is (0+4)/2, or a C average.</p>