<p>To other NYU Parents and Students - when the heck will grades be posted? We thought they would be available online no later than yesterday but so far none of D's friends have their grades for first semester. It seems odd that the deadline to pay for second semester is before grades for first semester are posted.....takes away the parental option to pull a student who failed all his or her classes.....Is it common for it to take this long to post grades? And does NYU ever do things when they say they will????</p>

<p>Breathe. Calm down.</p>

<p>NYU is a 43,000+ student university. That means things tend to take awhile to happen. Bureaucracy is the hallmark of higher education, particularly in private institutions, and moreso in such large-scale ones as NYU.</p>

<p>My first year I had only one grade posted before Christmas and the rest trickled in individually within the first full week after the new year. This year I had two before 1/1 and I’m still waiting on the other three at the moment. If you’re legitimately concerned that your child is failing every single class, you may have larger issues than paying for the coming semester before finding out the results. Even having sufficient grounds to worry about that is concerning.</p>

<p>Hellodock - no I am not concerned that my D failed anything. Just the opposite, she is a great student. But if I were a parent with a child who might not have done so well, I would sure want to know their grades before sending another gazillion for tuition. I was just going by what NYU stated on the website as to when grades would be posted…</p>

<p>Never understood why it takes so long to post to Albert, considering the deadline for professors to submit grades is 72 hours after an exam. No worries yet, though, grades are still coming in. Just received my third grade today, one more to go.</p>

<p>Actually, incorrect. 72 hours is simply something they tell you to keep you calm, a tactic which generally fails because students go weeks without seeing their grades. i.e. I only have 2/5 posted on Albert right now, and it’s been more than two weeks since exams concluded.</p>

<p>To the OP, you’ll probably learn very soon that NYU is exceptionally slow about everything. They’re consistently behind their own deadlines yet expect you to adhere to them like gospel.</p>

<p>The grade posting is a dissapointment.</p>

<p>Some of them are posted on BlackBoard not Albert, so there must be some latency with the processing or submission.</p>

<p>All will eventually be posted on Albert, they have to. Nice professors will put them up on Blackboard immediately after they complete the grading, but every single grade has to go on Albert, it’s your permanent record location.</p>