<p>I've been admitted to SDSU as a Freshman, class of 2016. Originally when I looked at the requirements of maintaining my GPA that I reported on my application and earning a "C" or higher in all of my intended senior year classes, I wasn't very worried that I wouldn't be able to fulfill this. But- I've been struggling in my AP Calc class this year so far and recieved an F for the semester. The high school that I'm attending this year averages the two semester grades together at the end of the year to create an overall grade for the class, so I still have a chance to earn a higher grade this semester to raise the final grade for the course. This is my 5th year of high-school level math (took Alg1 in 8th, then Geometry, Alg2, PreCal), and all of my other grades throughout highschool have never been below a "B" (3.72 GPA). I'm really worried about the possibility of my admission being rescinded. My transcript isn't due until May, along with my intent to enroll deposit and whatnot. Has anyone been in this situation before or have any ideas about this issue?</p>