<p>Where are grades posted? Under the student tab there are still two classes that haven't posted grades for last semester; which doesn't make sense to me all grades should be in my now. Is there a place that show unofficial transcripts or something that shows grades. I've never seen a university where you couldn't access grades. I'm sure my son just doesn't know where to look. Help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I think a current student upperclassman can be more helpful. But if memory serves me, grades will be posted very soon…before they return to campus for second semester. As I recall, all grades were in by the time they returned. And there was ENORMOUS dorm drama as a result of that freshman year as people who worked hard are shocked at getting a B+ and some knuckleheads managed to get some A’s. Like all schools…there is no justice in grades. Some professors are tough graders and others are way too easy. </p>

<p>In general, my kid only really had two grades in four years that were unjust. One by an adjunct who was not offered a job the following year and one by a professor of some renown who had a political agenda…that was dealt with. </p>

<p>My kid didnt drop ONE class in four years and routinely sought out the toughest classes and toughest graders…not bragging…just saying…that is who she is…all about content and not about superficiality. Sadly, there are the flighty birds who routinely sought out the easiest professors and easiest classes and then bragged about gpa for weeks on end. </p>

<p>In the end, my kid triumphed over all…graduating highest honors and Phi Beta Kappa…and I can assure you…the Deans knew what she had accomplished…in spades. They were there at graduation, crying and hugging her. </p>

<p>One of my kid’s professors was NOTORIOUS for not giving any A’s. He openly stated so the first day of class and about half the class got up, walked out and dropped. She stayed. She told him, “I am going to beat you at your game!” And by God…she did…it was an A- but she got him! LOL. They became very good friends…and then very suddenly and very sadly he got sick and died. But that first semester freshman year professor set the tone for her the remainder of her tenure.</p>

<p>My point is to brace for impact. If it works out well…bravo! If not…be supportive and helpful, not critical. Dorm drama is at fever pitch January and February freshman year…the transferitis disease sets in…and all sorts of agendas and hurt feelings, busted relationships and so forth set in. The key is to be calm, focused, look forward and upward…by March things clear up and kids calm down. These are the dangerous months. So be as supportive and loving as possible. We made two trips to Fordham in January February freshman year…she almost tanked and bolted. But pulled herself together and then got in the groove and took off like a rocket. </p>

<p>Best of luck to your kid.</p>

<p>You can get to your unofficial transcript via Student tab → My Information channel → Student → Student Records → Academic Transcript.</p>

<p>But if your grades aren’t showing up in Student tab → Student Grades channel → Fall 2012, then they almost certainly won’t be on your transcript yet. (Shame on lazy profs.)</p>

<p>Thanks. It’s the same there 2 classes without grades. Ridiculous.</p>

<p>I heard grades were due today but I am still missing one. Guess some professors just don’t listen and don’t get them in on time. Just keep checking and I hope they will appear adventually.</p>

<p>I am alittle confused as to what the second post in this thread had to do with the question you asked…</p>

<p>May your grades appear less adventually than with alacrity. Waiting 'til December for them would be hellish.</p>

<p>My daughter had one missing grade, but it came in today. The teacher posted it on blackboard (for some reason) and then sent around an email telling the kids where to find it. All of her other grades were posted on the my.fordham site. I have to say: 19 credits for first semester freshman year. D4 is the youngest of my kids; I teach at a college that is quite a bit harder to get into than Fordham, but I’ve never seen a tougher schedule for a Freshman than my daughter’s this past semester. By the end of the semester she was totally wrung out. But, she did it, and is excited for next semester. I’m proud of her.</p>

<p>Oh, and as to the timing: I have 3 kids in college right now. D2 got her first semester grades very quickly, by December 22. D3 has not received a single grade to date.</p>

<p>Two of my classes have INC as the grade even though I don’t remember missing anything -_- Rest of my grades came in.</p>

<p>well done to your daughter glass! Congrats! (Been there, believe me!)</p>

<p>as to gardy’s comment, the point was to help people digest what their grades may be…and what they will find out from dorm buddies when they return to campus. It happens every year. Dorm drama initially spawned by frustration with grades, then the weather, then the new semester kicks in and its always a bit faster paced, and then homesickness, tired of cafeteria food etc…all adding up to transferitis and drama. So be ready. </p>

<p>I wish everyone the best.</p>

<p>I was surprised to learn that a 94 at Fordham is an A-. Less grade inflation here than some other places I know!</p>



<p>Glad I wasn’t the only one…:)</p>


and that an A- is 3.67 points in a GPA. Definitely different then NYU. Only 14 credit hours grades submitted but 3 A-'s and 1 B+ and GPA is only 3.573. That’s a reality check…if you haven’t had that previously</p>

<p>My daughter has an incomplete also because the whole class was supposed to do a presentation, but there was no time to schedule it, so they will be doing it when they get back. So for now, everyone in the class has an incomplete.
My daughter is hoping that won’t affect the scholarship she gets from her job, that requires good grades.
Some of her classmates that are applying for junior year abroad are also worried about having an incomplete.</p>

<p>So, still missing a grade for Faith and Critical reasoning…</p>

<p>It seems that Fordham calculates their letter grades lower than other schools. And there is less grade inflation here than in some places. While I’d share Lefty’s concern about the incomplete, the lower GPAs will not be a factor in grad school admissions (speaking from some experience, observing my own students and my daughters’ friends over the years.) Admissions boards will be aware of the differences between individual schools. </p>

<p>kcdunlap, I think Fordham’s GPA calculations also figure in credit hours. My daughter’s Italian class (her worst grade-- the class was very demanding and she struggles with languages) had 5 credit hours, more than any of her other classes (which is why she had 19 credits and needed an override.) Her other 4 classes were As and A-s, but the Italian grade had more weight. [Here’s where I would say, c’est la vie! in Italian. If I could speak Italian.]</p>