<p>What boarding schools would I be able to get into if I have 3 A's (2 accelerated and 1 honors) and 2 b's in honors and a c+ In Ap European history.</p>

<p>For extra curricular activities I play rugby and have a bunch of community service
I also run a legit business with my twin sister. </p>

<p>I am currently a sophomore looking to apply to boarding schools next year. I applied during 8th grade and was rejected by Taft, Exeter, Andover, Middlesex. This was a complete mistake because I was not prepared mentally it emotionally. I have grown as a person and gained self confidence. </p>

<p>What schools would be good to apply to? I have done research and learned that I need to make a decision now. Does anyone have any recommendations?</p>

<p>WOAH. I am in virtually the exact situation as yourself. I am a sophomore who lacks a perfect GPA. All I can say is that you should apply to a school that you really like that best suits you. At the end of the day, for people in our situation, we have just got to prove to the AOs that we really want this. Whether it be through essays and the interview, etc. Though, unlike myself, you may actually get in since you play sports (unlike myself) and they appreciate athletes. So keep working hard and don’t lose confidence. You seem very motivated. I hope we both end up at schools that we’ll be happy at! Good luck, friend!</p>

<p>The selective BS do not expect straight As; however, they would like to see more As than Bs. </p>

<p>Straight As are sometimes a red herring, as some schools are not so academically rigorous, or they have massive grade inflation (i.e. there are plenty of posts from kids w straight As who score below 50th percentile on the SSAT).</p>

<p>I come from a public middle school where the only leveled class is math (only two levels). I have straight As, but my school is the opposite of academically rigorous. Because my As are there, I focus on taking advantange of everything (inside and outside of school) that I can.</p>

<p>Do schools look at semester grades or the overall grade for the year? I had a B+ in Algebra 2 for my 2nd marking period but an overall 94</p>