<p>What grades do schools use? Does anyone know? Do they just look at quarter grades or final grades? Will they consider the finals I bombed if I still manage a final grade of an A?</p>

<p>The schools look at your transcripts. Which only have your 2 semester grades on them( unless you are going to a trimester school) They will look at those, the ones from last year, and the ones before that. The quarter grades don't matter because they are not final</p>

<p>But if you have a really bad grade on one of your quarter averages or final exams, but your final grade is still ok, would that still sort of affect your chances?</p>

<p>Not likely. Its not ALL about grades anyways...grades are important but so are extracurr., personality, sports etc...</p>

<p>That is very true.</p>

<p>If you have a bad grade on the final exam it doesnt really matter, they don't look at individual assignments, but if the final exam affects your grade drastically, then yes there is a problem. Again, quarter grades dont matter because they can change, its all about the final grade.
but like hammer said other things matter, but if you have a f or d, then that will make a difference</p>

<p>Schools look at your transcript. Some schools list final grades on the transcript while other don't so it depends on how your school works. They first look at your first set of grades from the current year (trimester, quarter, whatever system you have...) and the grades from the year before. After you've been accepted and decided to enroll that ask you to forward your final transcript which includes all your overall (not specific assignments) grades from the year.</p>