Grading at Alfred

<p>My nephew was just accepted at Alfred and was granted a scholarship; he needs to maintain a 3.0 average to keep it.</p>

<p>How difficult is grading at Alfred? I know this is a nebulous question, but there are colleges where 3.4 is average, and others where they grade much harder than that.</p>

<p>He's not sure what he'll wind up majoring in. Possibilities are biochemistry, art, environmental studies or mechanical engineering (to make the question infinitely more complicated).</p>

<p>My DD is a junior at AU, studying Art and Design. She has that scholarship and has maintained the 3.0. Some professors don't grade easily, but she works hard to get her grades.</p>

<p>That is very difficult question! Your nephew may end up in COLA, (College of Liberal Arts), School of Art & Design or School of Engineering, from the potential majors you have posted! </p>

<p>Even his tuition and residency depends on his choice of major: some engineering majors are in-state tuition, the School of Art & Design is a NYS program, so has in-state tuition, COLA is a private program. </p>

<p>Regardless, Alfred University is an excellent choice, our student has done well there.</p>