Graduate Admission chances at Cal State Engineering school

I am a finance graduate from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am trying to switch to a computer science major for my master’s. I am mostly applying for a Cal state school, but I’m finding it hard to evaluate my chances.
Here is my profile:

GRE : Q: 165 V: 160
TOEFL: 112
GPA: 2.75/4 (low gpa mostly in qualitative courses)
Extra courswork for CS:
6 MOOCs from coursera
2 MOOCs from uni of helisinki
Applied data science lab from Worldquant university online
4 personal projects (1 challenging, 3 moderate)
president of the sports club
started 2 restaurant businesses

What are the chances for me to get into SDSU or SJSU? What schools should I apply to? How should I approach shortlisting?
Thanks in advance.

The California State universities are public universities, mostly funded by its taxpayers, such that the priority is the residents that pay the bills. Non-residents pay full fees. That runs about $42K per year. Federal and State funding is not available to NON US citizens/permanent residents.

CS is impacted in both undergrad and grad school, which means that seats are limited and, as an international candidate, who does not have any experience in the US university system in CS, your chances are very limited. SDSU is a very competitive school; SJSU is even more competitive. There are very limited funds for international grad students. Is there a reason you are specifically targeting the public CSU’s? What can you afford?