Graduate early at University of Illinois Urbana champaign?

In order to speed up the process of getting my MD, I would like to see if there is a way to finish my undergrad in 3 years in Illinois. Does anyone know if this is possible for a future pre-med student? If so what courses do I need to get college credit in to have it count? I am willing to take a lot of ap classes and classes and my local community college. If this is possible, please specify what I should be taking! I am still doing research on this, but any help would be highly appreciated. Thank You! . . . .

My advice to you is: don’t.

One of the most important factors in being admitted to a good MD program is your undergraduate GPA. It is far better for you to take your time and get a good GPA than for you to save one year at the risk of getting lower grades.

Moreover, have you considered what overloading yourself on courses could do to your high school GPA? I don’t know what grade you’re in, or what your present GPA is, but overloading yourself is likely not going to help.

Finally, medical school is brutal enough that you don’t need to start suffering while still in high school and in college.

There are no prizes given for finishing your MD earlier than other medical students. They do not give preference in medical school admissions to somebody because they are 22 or 23 rather than 24 or 25. They don’t give preference in fellowships to medical students who are a year or two younger.

You will be making your life a lot more difficult while gaining little to nothing for it.

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