Graduate Math at Duke

<p>Hi everyone! I was wondering what the general perception of life as a graduate student in the math department is like at Duke, i.e. do the students appear happy, are they sociable, do they get involved with on campus clubs etc.? I was just accepted and want to learn more, but won't be able to visit for at least a few weeks.</p>

<p>I doubt anybody on here is a graduate student in math at Duke. It's a fairly small group, so I'd recommend trying to speak with current students when you're on campus. I will say that graduate life is very different than undergraduate life, but that's the case no matter the university. When I was on a club sports team as an undergraduate there were a couple graduate students as well so certainly things are open if you want to advantage of them, but clubs and activities typically cater to the undergraduate population (as is the case at basically every school). I know Times Higher Education (the British publication) just ranked Duke's math department as the 10th best in the world.</p>

<p>Times</a> Higher Education - Top institutions in Mathematics</p>

<p>So, there's clearly some high profile work being done. The grad students I worked with in an engineering lab seemed to enjoy their experience although being a PhD student can be arduous at times and is certainly a different experience than being an undergrad. There are some great professors at Duke to work under for sure. Good luck.</p>