Graduate programs in the Houston, TX area?

<p>Hi friends,</p>

<p>I have recently moved to Houston, TX and am trying to identify Colleges/Universities that will intake students as early as JANUARY 2012. </p>

<p>I already have a Graduate and Undergraduate degree from Ivy League schools in the USA, thus am really looking to take a course which is interesting to me, not necessarily directly related to my career. </p>

<p>I have been awarded a Scholarship by my employer however, they are keen I start ASAP. </p>

<p>Any degree course in the Oil/Energy industry would be very helpful as well. Other degrees of interest to me at History, Political Science....I am not looking to do Economics or some Science degree. </p>

<p>I will be grateful if you could help me...again I am looking for course options with January 2012 intake.</p>


<p>Good luck on getting admission for spring at this late date. Maybe you could take a class or two as a non degree grad student that could later be used for credit in a grad program? Just a thought. Anyway, schools you should look into include University of Houston, Rice, and Texas Southern U. I'm sure the graduate school of each has a list of programs.</p>