Graduate School Advice, Comp Sci Major, mediocre GPA, few extracurriculars

<p>So currently I'm a junior Computer Science major at Texas A&M with a 3.48 gpa, few extracurriculars, and 0 work experience. What can I currently do to improve on my chances of getting into a decent grad school besides getting a good score on the GRE?</p>

<p>Oh i am also aware of the possibility of research with professors..However I don't really have any close relations with any professors. Any advice on this part?</p>


<p>Work on forming realtionships with your profs. You need them for LORs and you need research experience.</p>

<p>This is purely anecdotal, but what I've noticed at selective grad schools in comp sci, you have the really outstanding PhD student who's always wanted to be at the forefront and a bunch of less than stellar ones who didn't get in as undergrads, but did so to grad school because their more talented classmates went for the big bucks in industry leaving the grad school field less competitive; these and foreign grads who couldn't afford to pay for a BS, but are here on an assistantship and tuition waiver.</p>

That is a thought that has occurred to me, too.
However DS roommate at MS school (white, BS Berkeley) is accomplished, well-off.
DS didn't need to go to gschool, he had funds to pay for grad school, but did on stipend.
Many of his undergrad mates were just too tired to do more school and needed to make $$ to pay for undergrad.
A third of his undergrad class did the 5th year program. Even in a hot hiring year.</p>

<p>Well, I guess that is good for me.</p>