Graduate School: art

<p>Hello, i'm an artist- and plan on studying art in college next is my ultimate goal to be accepted into yale's marvelous graduate fine art my question is -----WHerE should i go! i have only a few days to decide here are some options</p>

Cooper Union
Carnegie Mellon
Boston University
Syracuse University</p>

<p>(let's just pretend money is not an issue)</p>

<p>any input much appreciated.</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon's Art program is well thought of. I don't know about the others.</p>

<p>Go somewhere where you will get a lot of studio time, very good instruction, and a broad art scene... in other words, just about any of the schools mentioned.</p>

<p>Cornell's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning is (I think) the smallest college at Cornell (~550 students, if I remember correctly), and it is an excellent program - great instruction, study abroad opportunities, etc. I would vote for Cornell.</p>

<p>Cooper Union!!! Free education, and increible art studios! One of my professor at interlochen went, and she said it was the best decision of her life.</p>

<p>But Cooper Union's "campus" (if it can be called that) is so ugly...</p>

<p>(and the OP said to pretend money wasn't an issue ;))</p>

<p>I think i'm actually beginning to lean towards cooper union...</p>

<p>while i can't help but be seduced by cornell's ivy league name...i don't know that ithaca is exactly the place for an aspiring artist....also, while cornell's art department is certainly adequate...when i visited i felt that there was something missing...i felt a slight lack of passion...most art classes at cornell have only 3 or 4 actual art majors. it seems that most of the studios are filled with art minors and students who are merely taking art for experimental or extracurricular reasons.</p>

<p>Also- the cooper union name means a lot in the art world...if i dislike it there i think i'll most likely have a fairly easy time trasfering back into nyu or cornell. But to transfer into cooper is nearly impossible (they only accept about 5 transfers per year). getting into cooper is a major accomplishment- if i don't go, i'll have nothing to show for it. </p>

<p>i'm still a little bit on the fence about nyu, cooper, and even cornell though.</p>

<p>Would yale look more highly upon a specialized fine art education like that which cooper can offer... or a well rounded (perhaps ivy league) liberal arts education with a focus in studio art??</p>

<p>thanks for your comments!</p>