Graduate School

<p>Hi ALL:</p>

<p>I am applying to the following schools:</p>

<p>UCLA- Arabic Studies (MA)
USC- Ethnic Studies (PhD)
UCSB- Linguistics (MA)
UCR- Ethnic Studies (PhD)
UCSD- Ethnic Studies(PhD)
UCI-Culture and Society(PhD)
Berkeley- Arabic Studies(MA)
George Washington University- Middle Eastern Studies (MA)</p>

<p>***** I was wondering what my chances are of getting accepted it I have the following:</p>

<p>3.55 Undergraduate GPA
Interned: 1) Senator's office 2) Philippine Consulate
GRE 1050</p>

<p>It is difficult to "chance" graduate school admissions because the process is so much more subjective than undergraduate admissions. Especially for PhD programs, you will need to have a solid fit between your own research interests and your prospective advisors' interests. A solid fit and relevant experience can overcome a mediocre GPA or GRE score. However, a poor fit cannot be saved by a 4.0 or 1600 score. </p>

<p>That being said, I have a degree in psychology so I cannot give you more specific feedback for those programs. I'm sure someone will come along who can. In the meantime, I wish you luck in the process!</p>

<p>Increase GRE to 1200, 1300 if possible.</p>

<p>Thank you NovaLynnx, your answer was great!</p>

<p>Thank you vitiatethis, your answer was also great!</p>