Graduate School

<p>My understanding is that Hampshire does not have a traditional grading system, and instead the school gives out written evaluations of the students academic performance. My question is, if I wanted to apply to grad school after attending Hampshire, how would the grad school be able to assess my academic performance while at college?</p>

<p>Hampshire parent here (my D is only a first year). What we were told was that the narrative evaluations are provided as part of the transcript. Additionally, most students have classes on the other Consortium campuses, and usually get traditional grades. Hampshire indicates that it has the largest percentage in the nation of History (I think) concentration students to go on to get their doctorates. So it does not appear to be a problem.</p>

<p>A grad school professor who is looking for a new advisee will learn a lot more from reading a Hampshire transcript than she will from reading a traditional transcript, which, face it, is going to be a bunch of As and Bs for most prospective grad students.</p>

<p>In terms of percentages we have the most students who go on to get graduate degrees in history and philosohy. Many grad school know how we operate and like the evaluations, when you apply to international grad schools things can get a bit tricky but there isn't usually a problem. (Hi Mom!)</p>

<p>Now who could you be talking to? ;)</p>

<p>Grad schools might be more likely to weigh GRE results more heavily in the absence of grades.</p>