Graduate student file as independent or not


<p>I have two kids who will go to graduate school and college this fall. Since FAFSA allows graduate student to be filed as an independent which doesn't require disclosing parent's information, I am thinking about letting the kid who will go to graduate school to file as an independent (she has very little income and no assets.) However, her school just informs her that CSS Profile is required to be considered for all need-based university loans and need-based grants/scholarships. Given the school will know my information through Profile any way, does it make sense for my daughter to file as an independent in FAFSA?</p>


<p>Son for med school had to provide all parent info on the FAFSA. Regardless of age, martial status, and degrees earned.</p>

<p>Contact the grad school and ask.</p>


<p>For FAFSA it is not a choice. If she is a grad student she is automatically classified as independent. </p>

<p>Dependency status on FAFSA is based on a series of questions, one of which asks if the student is a grad student. Answering yes to that automatically makes the student independent. You don't get to choose. </p>

<p>Some professional programs still require parent information.</p>

<p>Thank you for your advise/reply. Appreciate it.</p>